Vancouver FAQs


Where can I learn more about the programs offered by New York Tech Vancouver?

Please send an email to and we will provide information about the program or check out our website:

If you have further questions regarding specific programs, please fill the webform and we will reach out to you shortly.

I am unable to contact anyone in marketing or recruitment.

Currently, the New York Tech Vancouver campus is closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff are working remotely to maintain physical distancing recommended by the public health agencies.

If you are interested in our programs please make sure to review the information on our website first. Please note we cannot answer any questions regarding GPA conversion or admissibility until you have uploaded all documents during the online application process.

You can call us on 604-639-0942 and click option 1, but we strongly recommend you email us at

Which terms are open for application submission?

M.B.A and M.S. - Instructional Technology are open for Summer 2021, Fall 21 and Spring 22. All programs should be open for Summer 2022 in the upcoming months.

I am an agent for New York Tech Vancouver and I have COVID-19 related questions which may impact my students, where can I ask for more information?

Please email us at and we will try to answer your questions within 48 hours or call us at 604.639.0942 and click option 3, alternatively see all our postings on the website:

How much the programs at New York Institute of Technology Vancouver campus cost?


Which terms are currently open for application submission?

M.B.A and M.S. - Instructional Technology are open for Spring 2021. All programs should be open for Summer 2021 shortly.

I have been accepted into the Fall 2020 term. How will the remote classes be delivered?

If you are not able to come to Canada or feeling comfortable to attend classes in person, as long as you are approved for phase 1 in the visa processing you can choose to take online courses in Fall 2020 term. Details on course delivery will be provided to all students after New Student Orientation and once you have registered for all of your classes.

I want to defer to the Spring 21 term, where do I send my deferral of admission request?

If you have paid the tuition deposit for the Fall 20 term and are not able to attend the FA20 term you can request to defer to Spring 21 or onward other terms by sending email to If you haven’t paid the deposit, the earliest term you can defer to is Summer 21 until the program is full.

Where can I find out about the status of my application?

If your application submission was 100% complete, you can email with your full name and application ID to inquire about your application status.

I am not able to submit my IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT score due to closure of testing centres. What should I do?

Duolingo test score is acceptable for the admission at this moment as the proof of English proficiency. GRE/GMAT score is required case by case by the academic department, the application will not be processed any further until the GRE/GMAT is received.

I am not able to submit an official electronic IELTS score within 30 days after receiving the offer letter. What should I do?

We will accept the electronic IELTS score through to the end of the second semester.

I have questions regarding admissions, how can I contact someone in the admissions office?

Please email for any questions regarding admissions..

Bursar Office

Please contact including your Full Name and New York Tech Student ID if you have any further questions regarding Fall 2021 tuition fees and payments.

When should I clear my unpaid balance for Fall 2021?

All the unpaid balance must be settled BEFORE September 7th, 2021.

How much should I pay for my Fall 2021 tuition and fees?

Please click here to see Fall 2021 Fee Table.

What is the Vancouver Bursar Hold (BVN)? Why do I have this hold on my account?

All the Vancouver current students receive BVN prior to the online registration portal is open every semester.

For Fall 2021 registration, all the Vancouver students are required to PREPAY for the below required amount:

  • MBA Students: USD$7,598 (7.5 credits)
  • Cybersecurity Students: USD$6,128 (6 credits)
  • Energy Management Students: USD$6,128 (6 credits)
  • Instructional Technology Students: USD$6,128 (6 credits)

Once the prepayment is received by NYIT and posted to your student account, Vancouver Bursar Hold will be removed automatically by the system for registration. If you plan to register for more courses (credits), we encourage you to submit the full payment based on your total credits registration to avoid the late payment and the Financial Hold.

What should I do if Fall 2021 is my last semester and I have less than 7.5 credits or 6 credits to complete the program?

Please contact Lillian ( to have your Vancouver Bursar Hold removed manually once your payment is made, received by New York Tech and posted to your account.

What is the Financial Hold?

Financial Hold is placed to your account by the system if you have an outstanding payment in your account AFTER August 1st. You will not be able to make changes of registration with a Financial Hold on your account. Once the outstanding payment is paid, Financial Hold will be removed by the system automatically.

How do I pay my tuition fees?

Please click here to see the Acceptable Forms of Payment

What should I do if I am not able to register for the required credit hours to maintain a full-time status as an international student due to a financial hardship?

  1. Please contact your Program Dean if you are unable to register for a full course load in Fall 2021 due to a financial hardship.
  2. You will be required to fill out a Reduced Credit Request form once the Program Dean approves your request.
  3. Please forward the approved form to Lillian ( and pay for the course you need to register.
  4. Once the payment is received by New York Tech and posted to your account, Lillian will release the Vancouver Bursar Hold for your online registration.

What is Late Registration Fee?

Late Registration Fee: A nonrefundable fee of $390 is applied to continuing students who register after the first day of each semester.

What is Late Payment Fee?

Late Payment Fee: A nonrefundable fee of $390 is applied to any account not paid in full before each semester starts.

How do I apply for an official document?

For Bursar Letter or Invoice, please contact

For Enrollment Letter or Completion Letter, please contact

How do I request for a refund if I have a credit balance after completion of the program?

You can go to NYIT Connect Student Center to request for a refund by clicking on “Submit Refund Request” (Under Finances > My Account)

Or you can contact including your full name and NYIT Student ID.

Office of the Registrar (OREG)

If I need a school enrollment letter, who do I contact?

You can obtain your Proof of Enrollment Certificate automatically through the Student Center. You will find it under the Academics tab.

When will I receive the school completion letter after I have completed my program?

The conferral date for Spring 2021 term is May 31.

The graduation office in New York will review and approve all the applications before the completion letter can be issued. This takes about 4-5 weeks after the conferral date.

Once the Graduation Office has approved the applications, a link to access the Degree Completion Letter will be activated in your NYIT Connect. Please note that this process cannot be sped up by the Registrar Office in Vancouver.

You can apply for transcripts as soon as all the grades are posted. Please use the online transcript ordering website ( to order paper or electronic transcripts. Please note that the degree does not appear on the transcript until they are approved and graduated in the system.

If I would like to change my major/concentration, what should I do next?

Please email for a "Change of Major" form. You are required to obtain approval from your dean.

If I need to amend my name or personal information, who should I contact?

Please email for a "Change of Personal Information" form and ensure to provide official documents to support your request.

How to apply for transcript?

You can use the online transcript ordering website ( to order paper or electronic transcripts.

How to apply for Graduation?

Graduating students should apply for graduation at the beginning of their final semester. Applying for graduation is separate from your decision to attend Commencement.

  • Complete and file an online application to graduate through the Student Service HUB—Your Home for University Business—by deadline below:
    • February 19, 2021 – for (Spring) May 31, 2021 Graduation
    • June 27, 2021 – for (Summer) August 31, 2021 Graduation
    • September 24, 2021 – for (Fall) December 31, 2021 Graduation
  • After your graduation application is received, you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar to your New York Tech email account indicating the status of your application. Your status may be:
    • Approved: all requirements have been successfully completed.
    • Pending Successful Completion: approved for your degree contingent upon successful completion of all work that may be in progress.
    • Denied: you have not successfully completed one or more of the requirements for graduation and you are not eligible to graduate at this time. Contact your advisor or department office for more information.

If you are unable to apply for graduation or for further information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 516.686.7694 or

Academic General FAQ

At New York Tech, we are working diligently to ensure that the high quality of education that you receive is maintained during the short term remote learning model. Below is a list of frequently asked questions in order to support you through this term.

Can I join Fall 2020 if I only have a Phase 1 approval (Approval-in-principle)?

New York Institute of Technology Vancouver will be accepting registrations for Fall 2020 term if you have received a Phase 1 visa approval (approval in principle).

Submission deadline of Phase 1 approval in order to be able to register for Fall 20 term has been extended to September 18th.

For the Fall 2020 term, how will the classes be delivered?

All classes for Fall 2020 term are scheduled to be delivered remotely. Details on course delivery will be provided to all students after you have registered for all of your classes.

When will in-person classes resume?

We have resumed a limited number of in-person classes for the Fall 2020 term. Students can register for both in person and online classes. Students who choose to study online only, are able to do so from their home country.

While studying remotely, will exams be administered online?

Final exams or other assessment methods will be administered online and your faculty and deans will be providing you with online exam instructions.

I am struggling with the remote learning model and I am concerned I am going to fall behind in my classes, what should I do?

Should you feel that you need additional support or tutoring during this time, please contact your faculty, program head or students services who will work with you to set up tutoring.

Am I required to enroll in the Fall 2020 term?

As an international student, in order to be in compliance with your study permit, you are required to maintain full-time study status at all times. Should you need to take a term off or take a reduced course load, please see your program head.

If I take Fall term off to return home, and the travel bans are not lifted by the start of the Winter term, would I be allowed to take a second term off?

As taking time off of your studies may affect your study visa, we recommend that you seek advice from a licensed immigration consultant regarding extending your time away from school.

Am I able to take the Fall Term off as a break?

Under extenuating circumstances, students may need to take the Summer Term off. Please contact your Program Head, should you be considering taking any time off.

Please note the head of your department (ie. chair or dean) is required to approve any request to take an official break for a specific term during your enrollment at New York Tech.

Please fill out the "Maintain Matriculation" form and submit to your department head to obtain the approval.

Once approved, you are also required to pay online a fee of USD80 to the bursar office in order to process this request. After the payment has been received, please submit the completed form to
On a final note, the school is required to report to Canadian immigration about the enrollment status of every international student.

What can I do to protect myself from coronavirus fraud?

There have been recent reports of phishing scams related to Coronavirus. To learn more about how to protect yourselves, please visit our updated fraud protection page.

Career Services

Can I still receive career advising even though the school is closed?

New York Tech Vancouver Career Services will continue to be available for career advising. Career advising and appointments may be conducted remotely through telephone or Zoom video conferencing.

How can I set up a virtual career advising appointment?

You can book your appointments through Handshake. Please review this article on how to Request an Appointment with your Career Center. Career Services will provide you with instructions on how to access your appointment remotely.

How will upcoming workshops be delivered?

Until further notice, any upcoming Career Services workshops will be delivered remotely using Zoom video conferencing. You can register for workshops through Handshake. Upon registration, you will receive information about accessing the workshop remotely.

What is the best way to contact New York Tech Vancouver Career Services during this time?

The best way to contact New York Tech Vancouver Career Services is through the Vancouver Career Services email address: Send us an email with your first name, last name, and your Student ID number. Please use your New York Tech email address.

I am having trouble accessing my Handshake account to book appointments or register for upcoming events. What should I do?

Send us an email with your first name, last name, and your Student ID number to Please use your New York Tech email address.

Can I still apply to Jobs or Internships?

Yes, you can apply for jobs and internships. Job interviews may be conducted remotely through a telephone or video call.

Can I still attend external events, including networking events, informational interviews, and volunteering, during this time?

At this time, we recommend you only attend virtual networking events. We are not recommending in-person events.

My employer has laid me off due to COVID-19. Are there any benefits I can access?

You may be eligible for benefits offered by the Government of Canada.

Student Affairs

Will there be any upcoming events?

The Office of the Provincial Health Officer has ordered the cancellation or postponement until further notice of all indoor events and outdoor events above 10 people. New York Tech Vancouver has cancelled all on-campus and off-campus in-person events until further notice.

Your Student Life team is currently working on creating online/virtual events for you to stay engaged with our community during this time. Keep an eye on our social media channels (@nyit_vanstudentlife) and our events page!

If you have any ideas for an online or virtual event, please email and we can work together to make it happen.

What kind of counseling services are available to me?

If you need support, you’re not alone. You have access to an additional support service 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in Canada or the US, through Empower Me. The Empower Me program allows all New York Tech Vancouver students to connect with qualified professionals for a number of issues, from financial insecurity to anxiety or depression. We’re here to support you.


Call 1-888-628-5589 or Learn more at

Can I come to the campus to hang out?

All New York Tech Vancouver campuses are currently open on an appointment only basis. If you do not have an appointment with a member of staff or faculty, please do not come to campus. This is in accordance with the Provincial Public Health Officer’s order to maintain physical distancing.

What are some ways I can stay active if my regular gym or fitness options are closed?

Exercise is so important and should  be  continued even if your gym or exercise facility has been temporarily closed. Here are some great at-home options you can do with little to no equipment.

Can I speak to a medical professional through has a tele-service called Mobile Doctor. It allows you to connect to a Canadian doctor on Maple (a telemedicine company), as part of your coverage. This can be at any time, from your phone, tablet or computer.

This service can help prevent the need to go to a walk-in clinic or emergency room, and to keep you safe!

Find out more and sign up here:

Remote Learning for Current Students

Engaging in remote learning means that many of your course activities will be facilitated through technology and the internet. You will meet with your entire class via video conferencing software and will access and complete learning resources, assignments and assessments online. Please pay close attention to the announcements and emails your instructors send to you. Your instructors have a variety of technological tools available to them and the selection of delivery methods will not be the same in every class.

What should I do to prepare for remote class engagement?

Review the information a t to set up the required software for our remote learning engagements.

What hardware is required and recommended for students?

Your computing hardware affects your remote learning experience. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in all remote learning activities using a laptop, large tablet, or computer with a webcam and a headset with a microphone and speakers.

This is my first time using Zoom. What do I need to know?

Be on time. Being late or missing a class session will be dealt with in the same manner as it would during a face-to-face meeting.

As you connect to a remote learning session, you will be prompted to enter your name. Please enter your full student enrolment name. Do not use default names suggested by your device.

Participants can mute and unmute themselves by clicking on the microphone button at the bottom left side of the Zoom interface. Please mute your microphone unless you are addressing the class.

Keep your webcam turned on unless otherwise instructed by your instructor.

Can the instructor see my activity while I’m connected to a Zoom session?

Be aware that all chat conversations are recorded.

What is the proper etiquette for gaining my instructor’s attention when I have a question?

To ask a question, you have options. Ask your instructor which method is preferred; you might turn on your microphone and interrupt or “raise your hand” in the participant window or type a question or comment in the Chat window.

Employment and Rental Resources FAQ

My employer has laid me off due to COVID-19. Are there any benefits I can access?

You may be eligible for benefits offered by the Government of Canada.

Due to COVID-19, I am unable to maintain my tuition payments. What should I do?

Please contact New York Tech Vancouver Bursar by email at

Due to COVID-19, I am unable to pay my rent. What should I do?

The Province of British Columbia has recently announced the BC Temporary Rental Supplement (BC TRS). The new rental supplement will help households by offering up to $500 a month towards their rent, paid directly to landlords.

The rental supplement will be available in mid-April. Therefore, it is expected that you pay your rent for April.

Additional resource:


What should I do if I am planning to travel outside of Canada in the near future?

The Provincial Public Health Officer recommends against all travel outside of Canada, including the United States, at this time. If Canada is your home, we recommend against booking any international travel in the near future.

For students who have travel plans out of the country, speak to your Associate Dean/Assistant Dean about the impact on your studies.

Anyone travelling at this time should refer to government travel advisories to make informed decisions while abroad. International travelers should expect increased health screening measures at points of entry, including airports.


Before travelling, verify if your destination's local authorities have implemented any specific entry and exit restrictions that may impact you. More information available here. We also recommend you communicate with your local consular office.


Please also check with your travel insurance provider about coverage. Providers may not provide coverage for issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact your provider about the areas you are traveling to before your trip. More information available about travel insurance from the Government of Canada.

I am a current student, if courses of study are being delivered online will this affect Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) eligibility for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have posted the following on their website, “Courses of study being delivered online on an exceptional basis due to COVID 19 will not affect Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program eligibility under the conditions written on the IRCC link above.”

The following links from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may be helpful in considering the impact of COVID-19:

I am a new student starting courses in 2021, if courses of study are being delivered online will this affect Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) eligibility for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has posted the following on their website:

How much of your studies count toward a PGWP

You can complete 100% of your studies online from outside Canada.

All your time studying online outside Canada between Spring 2020 and December 31, 2021, counts toward the length of a PGWP. This applies even if you’re completing 2 study programs.

If you’re completing 2 study programs, you can finish 100% of your studies online if the programs were ongoing or started between March 2020 and fall 2021, and

The following time won’t count toward the length of a PGWP:

  • time spent studying outside Canada after December 31, 2021
  • time spent studying before you applied for a study permit

The following links from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may be helpful in considering the impact of COVID-19:

How will taking online courses affect my eligibility for the BC PNP program?

Graduation Ceremony

What is happening regarding Graduation for 2021?

We are hoping to hold an in-person graduation event on November 15, 2021, where we will invite graduates from Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. We have reserved the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. Of course, all plans are still subject to change based on health department guidelines. More information will be going out to graduates in early summer including how to register for the ceremony and reserve your gowns.


How can I install Grammarly on my computer?

Please follow the instructions here. You will be required to use your NYIT logins to proceed.

How can setup MS Office on my computer?

Please follow the instructions here. You will be required to use your NYIT logins to proceed.​

International Travel

Should I start making my travel plans to Canada?

International students should hold travel plans to Canada for now. As of October 20 international students cannot travel to Canada from abroad unless their institution’s COVID-19 readiness plan is approved by the provincial government as per the latest IRCC travel update. New York Tech's plan has been submitted to the Government of British Columbia.

While awaiting approval, the following advisories are in effect:

  • international students at New York Tech who are currently abroad will not be allowed to travel to Canada until further notice.
  • international students who are in Canada and choose to travel internationally will not be able to return until New York Tech’s COVID-19 readiness plan is approved.

The Government of British Columbia is reviewing institutional COVID-19 readiness plans in phases. We anticipate approval for NYIT’s plan will be received in mid- to late-November.

This means international students planning travel between October 20 and the time of approval will need to cancel or postpone travel plans. This includes those who may have international travel planned during fall reading week (November 2 to 8), unless they are intending to remain outside of Canada for an extended period of time.

We recommend international students not make travel plans until New York Tech's COVID-19 readiness plan is approved. We will email students and update this website as soon as we receive approval and travel is possible again.

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