Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Be Smart. Use All Your Resources.

College can be full of challenges, but we’ve got the resources to guide you through. Whether you need help researching a topic, keeping up with your studies, registering or paying for classes, or adjusting to college life... we’re here for you. Just ask.


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Sometimes you just need some help. We offer a variety of tutoring and academic support services, including peer and faculty-led tutoring in one-to-one and group settings, both onsite and online. Just find the area in which you prefer assistance, and schedule an appointment today!

Supplemental Instruction

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Taking a course that’s known to be difficult? Join your classmates for regularly scheduled Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions—informal, peer-led discussion-based meetings that will help you review and reinforce what you’re learning in class.

Advising and Enrichment Center (AEC)

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Get your degree on time! Each semester, you’ll receive primary advising from a faculty advisor within your major, while our AEC advisors help you meet your degree requirements and assist with change-of-major counseling and graduation planning. Our Peer Advisors are also available to help you prepare for your advisement appointment and guide you through New York Tech’s resources and online tools.

Find out about New York Tech Honor Societies and opportunities for Academic Recognition.

Enrollment Services Center (ESC)

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Need help managing your classes and academic standing? Have questions about financial aid or your student account? Looking for guidance about college resources and opportunities? The Enrollment Services Center is our one-stop shop for receiving personalized guidance, advice, and encouragement whenever you need it.

Additional Academic Support

First Year GUIDE Program/First-Year Mentoring

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Transitioning to college can be difficult. Our First-year Guide Program pairs you with a sophomore, junior, or senior student, who will provide you with both social and academic support throughout your first year, sharing insights and experiences and helping to direct you to the many services and resources available at New York Tech.

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

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Sponsored jointly with the State of New York, HEOP assists students who may have financial and academic hardship and would otherwise be unable to earn a college degree. Depending on your needs and circumstances, we may offer financial assistance for tuition, books, transportation, and some personal expenses as well as tutoring, study skills training, and academic, personal, and career counseling.

Achieving Collegiate Excellence (ACE)

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Our ACE program provides academic support to undergraduate students who need to raise their GPA to meet scholarship qualifications. Students have access to one-on-one coaching, tutoring, and online academic success courses. iAchieve is a precursor program targeting second-semester freshmen who have an institutional scholarship and would similarly benefit from academic coaching and other resources.


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Get a “JumpStart" on earning college credits towards your degree. Incoming freshmen can take one or two courses during the summer, plus a free college success course, at a reduced rate in a supportive learning environment. Connect with other incoming students, become familiar with school resources, and start earning credits towards your degree before the Fall semester begins.

Additional Resources


Search our database of academic and research resources online or at one of our four campus libraries. Make an appointment with one of our librarians—they’re ready to help you navigate library resources and find the materials you need.

New York Tech Bookstore

Our New York Tech bookstore is now completely online. Find all your course materials and get branded New York Tech merchandise. Our easy-to-use platform offers substantial benefits and savings for the entire New York Tech community!