Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Case Coordinator: responsible for communicating with immigration lawyers, finding cases and organizing and scheduling evaluations for physician evaluators
Navleen Singh, Jessica Truong, Naunihal Singh, Nibras Choudhury

Recruitment and Training Coordinators: Spreading the word and assisting students and faculty to attend Asylum Clinic trainings; in charge of recruiting scribes for each case
Sandy Than, Himani Jani

IT Team: Responsible for overseeing all technological functions associated with the Asylum Clinic
Nibras Choudhury

Continuing Care Team: Responsible for finding continuing care resources for clients after their asylum evaluation based on their needs identified on their needs assessment form, which may include medical, dental, and mental health services, language classes, health education information, and other resources; liaison with the Asylum Clinic leadership team and students
Xin Lin, Anvin Thomas, Sarah Peltz

Country Research Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting students to write research summaries of various countries related to upcoming cases; ensuring student scribes and physician evaluators have the most up to date information about current issues relating to cases
Jacqualine Ng, Sneha Bupathi

Resource Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting student interpreters for each case; booking rooms/spaces for client evaluations; coordinating fundraising efforts, finding various resources for the Asylum Clinic to work with (i.e. clinics, churches, financial resources, English language resources, etc.)
Preet Sawney, Avery Hum