Poster Presentations Agenda

Exhibition Hall
16 W. 61st St., 11th floor
"Astrocyte-Regulated ATP Signaling on Motivational Behavior in Mice"Aarya Nehe
"3D Bioprinting of Functional Organs"Abdulhadi Naser Badran
"Finding Bacteriophage of Staphylococcus aureus in NYIT Sewage Water"Alana James, Subaita Almobin, Amna Zulfiqar, Muhammad Khan, Nishwa Nawaz
"Using Galaxy CPT and Apollo to Annotate Bacteriophages"Alessandro Drudi
"The Isolation of Affect"Alex D. Hernandez, David Ozga, Imari Faceson
"Tobacco consumption in France"Alice Buquen
"Dogs: A potential source to treat Staphylococcus aureus infections?"Amanda Vaysman, Priscilla de Mesa, Hibah Rizvi, Maheen Babar
"The American Perspective of Climate Change"Amelia Razak
"Choosing Ignorance and it's Consequences"Amiel Calleja
"Know Your Limit - Lifestyle Poster "Angelina Ojeda
"What A Waste"Ashlynn Reynolds
"DDoS Prevention on Cloud Environment with Snort "Aung Ko Ko
"Broader Impacts for NSF Grant RUI: Solitonsin Holography"Avarna Agarwal
"Choroid Plexus Carcinoma"Brightlyn Kwa, Siddhi Modi
"Gun Violence"Cameron Tessitore
"Investigating tissue proliferation within elastic scaffolds"Carlyn Annunziata
"Modeling Inversion of Sucrose"Caroline Fernandez, Jaycee Rae Greer, Radu Ramses Mihnea Nestor, Tiffany Brooks Roberts, Christina Renee Varady, Komal Javed, Sameer S. Kazi Krushang Kamleshkumar, Selena Shiwprasad, Sarah Nicolle Souza, Christine Marie Lopresti, Ka Wai Wai Wen
"Lagrangian Mechanics"Chin Ho Kua
"LGBT poster"Connor Ammendola
"ECG Changes in Patients with Hypermobile Conditions"Denis Malkov, Anisa Raidah, Casey Sciandra, Lara Tong
"Smoking Among Teens Infographic"Devina Ramroop
"Relief of Post-COVD-19 Burning Mouth Syndrome with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: A Case Study"Elisabeth L. Frankini
"Development of Multiple-Target Molecules for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease"Fawaz Syed
"Homelessness in New York City"Fernanda Valle
"Isolation of bacteriophages on clinical strains of Staphylococcus aureus from commercial phage cocktails"Hamza Nagarwala
"Return to Sport After Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair in an Athlete: A Scoping Review"Hannah Fischer, Matthew Alben, Neil Gambhir
"Immortal Coil of Land"Hitakshi Agrawal, Rasika Deosthali
"Bacteriophages Close to Home"Humza Bari, Tannya Singh
"EcoTourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)"Isabel Tabet, Sahar Esfandyari
"Development of a Fluorescent Assay to Measure the effect of new compounds on Histone Acetyltransferase Activity" "Jennifer Gattus
"Tape Measure Protein (TMP) and its Functions in Different Phages"Joana Thomson
"Our Existence is At Risk"Justin B. Santiago
"Are You Okay?"Kyle Acapana
"TLT GRANT: Learning in 3D: The VR Experience in the Classroom"Lavin Amarnani
"Francisella tularensis interactions with mammalian RBCs""Luke D'Cunha
"Riddled with grief"Makeda Armstrong
"Genotyping Animal Models"Mansi Patel
"Medical Students Learn Through Research on Prevalence of Sacroiliac and Pubic Symphysis Joint Shears in Chronic Low Back Pain and Impaired Single Leg Balance"Marichelle Renee Pita
"Detection of dysplastic cervical cells from pap-smear images using texture features for the nucleus"Mary Margarette Sanchez, Dono Shodieva, SimranSanju Kadam, Ramses Nestor, Angel Singh
"Seromucinous cyst presents as endometriosis complications in a 57 year-old post-menopausal female: a case report""Matthew Sison, Yakubmiyer Musheyev, Benjamin Ilyaev
"Surveying Wastewater As A Source To Combat Antimicrobial Resistance"May Thu Aung, Yash Trivedi, Rabia Rasheed, Ryan Ramasray
"Overcoming a “forbidden phenotype:: The parrot’s head supports, propels, and powers tripedal locomotion"Melody Young
"Development and Validation of Solid Phase extraction and liquid Chromatopraphy/Mass Spectometry methods for the concurrent detection of select antibiotics in New York Tech’s Wastewater plant"Michael Maino
"A survey of how much time people spend on their phones"MingTong Wang
"The Association Between EMS Response Times and Hospital Outcomes at a Level II NYC Trauma Center"Mohammad Aktar, Maria Aliberti, Benjamin Winchel, Sourish Rathi
"An osteopathic woman was treated with a passive weight-bearing protocol"Naiem Habib, Yisroel Grabie
"Effect of homoarginine on food consumption and cardiac function in mice"Neil Kaungumpillil
"Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) on Anosmia and Ageusia in Post- COVID-19 Patient: A Case Report“"Nicole Companion
"Development of Internal Prediction Models to Assess Mortality and Discharge Disposition in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries in a Level II Trauma Center"Nikit Patel, Richard LaRocco, Scott Kivitz, Dana Schulz, Sonia Amanat
"Finding Bacteriophage of S. Aureus in Sewage"Nishwa Nawaz, Menahil Kazmi
"Utility of a Retraction Robot in Simulated Pacemaker Implantation Surgery"Nolberto Jaramillo, Ermin Tale, Denis Malkov
"Mechanisms of PAK1 regulation of Autophagy and Mitophagy in H9C2 Cardiomyoblasts"Peter Girgis, Anoushka Guha, Pooja Jaiswal
"2D and 3D STORM Imaging of Cardiac Myocytes Deficient in Thyroid Hormones"Riddhi Modi, Yash Trivedi, Amanda Charest
"Serine Integrase Within the Phage Genome"Roslyn Paul
"Therapeutic Potential of S. aureus Bacteriophages found in Drug-resistant Fitness Centers"Sahejdeep Chohan, Moshe Kabariti, Siem Satti, Srikrishna Prasad
"Madness Through Time"Sophia Denis, Makeda Armstrong
"Modern Enlightenment"Sophia Denis
"Ovarian Serous Cystadenoma Presents As Bladder Issues in 23-Year-Old Female: A Case Report"Yakubmiyer Musheyev
"Determinants of Plaquing Behavior in cluster AZ phages on Arthrobacter globiformis"Yamini Bhaveshbhai Patel, Hannah Saji, Alexandru Medina, Vrushali Patel, Amna Syeda
"Combating SARS-CoV-2 With Wastewater Based Epidemiology"Yash Trivedi, May Thu Aung, Rabia Rasheed, Ryan Ramasray
"Reviving the Historic Sabils of Cairo”"Yousef Ismail