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New York Tech Dining!

Dining is a social hub, it fosters and celebrates culture, it brings people together and allows them to share experiences as a community. The Dining program is the perfect environment for students to experience and express their food desires as well as learn about different cultures.

The Dining team is committed to providing quality food, personalized service and exceptional value. We offer a variety of delicious and healthy foods. Our primary motivation is ensuring every guest is fed, nourished and fueled for success. On the Long Island Campus, there are four dining locations, featuring a variety of menu selections.

New York Institute of Technology offers several dining locations so you can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a quick snack whenever you want. At our convenient locations, you can:

  • Hang out with friends and classmates
  • Enjoy a diverse menu of delicious food, drinks, and snacks, all with distinct diets and allergy considerations in mind
  • Login to our free wifi using your my.NYIT account
  • Pay for everything using your NYIT OneCard

Distinctive Needs

The food choices we make directly impact the energy and focus we need to reach our goals. We understand that there may be some students that have individual nutritional concerns, food allergies as well as dietary restrictions. Our chefs are here to help take the mystery out of these special needs in a way that’s personalized, sensitive and supportive. The Dining Team prides ourselves on working with you to make sure you can find the food that fits your life. Please inquire to our daily vegan and vegetarian meals as well as healthy food options.