Daniel Cinotti, Ph.D. specializes in the supervision and training of professional school counselors. As a counselor educator, he is an advocate for the use of comprehensive school counseling programs, and his research interests include school counselor supervision and professional identity. Cinotti has presented at local and national conferences on subjects such as fostering school counselor self-efficacy through supervision and developing effective career counseling interventions for underserved student populations. His current research focuses on training future school building administrators to supervise school counselors.

During his career as a practicing school counselor, Cinotti has worked at various grade levels in several school districts with diverse student caseloads. After defending his dissertation, entitled The Impact of Aspects of Supervision on School Counselor Self-Efficacy, he became the first graduate of the counselor education Ph.D. Program at Montclair State University. He previously obtained his master’s degree in counseling psychology from Boston College and bachelor’s degree in psychology from The College of New Jersey.

Recent Projects/Research

  • Training future school building administrators to supervise school counselors: An interdepartmental approach.
  • An exploration of pre-service school counselors’ experiences with group leadership in practicum and internship.


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  • Cinotti, D. (2014). Competing professional identity models in school counseling: A historical perspective. The Professional Counselor, 4(5), 417-425.
  • Springer, S., & Cinotti, D. (2015, June). Fostering self-efficacy through school counselor supervision. Presented at the 11th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision at Adelphi University.
  • Urofsky, R., & Jencius, M. (2015, March). Joint ACES-CACREP panel discussion on preparing counselors to work in school settings. Invited panel member at the ACA Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.
  • Cinotti, D., & Shea, M. (2015, March). Culturally competent career development interventions for marginalized student populations. Presented at the ACA Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.

Honors and Awards

  • Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society – Nu Chi Phi Chapter of New York Tech.
  • Albert Wang Dissertation Award- awarded by the Graduate School, Montclair State University.

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • EDCO 870: Field Practicum & Seminar
  • EDCO 725: School Violence Prevention & Student Behavior Management
  • EDCO 660: Group Counseling, Leadership & Facilitation Skills
  • EDCO 650: Social Justice, Diversity & Cultural Issues
  • EDCO 635: Consultation: School & Community
  • EDCO 601: Human Development
  • EDCO 600: Introduction to School Counseling

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