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Public Sector Scholarships

Children of police officers, firefighters, EMT, and K–12 teachers can now take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Qualify for up to 50% off undergraduate tuition
  • Free application for admission using fee waiver code: PFET

Children of Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT, and K–12 Teachers Award

This award acknowledges New York Tech students with parents or legal guardians who are active, fully employed (non-volunteer) within the tristate region (NY, NJ, CT) in the following professional service positions serving their community:

  • Police Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Emergency Medical Services
  • Certified Teacher of a K–12 grade

Once students are admitted to New York Tech, they may apply for this award each year they are enrolled.


  • Fall: July 15
  • Spring: December 15

The award will cover up to 50% of a students' flat-rate full-time tuition (12-18 credits) for no more than eight continuous full-time semesters of enrollment (six semesters for transfers, 10 for an approved five-year program). If a student has been awarded other 'tuition only' awards (including state grants, merit scholarships, and New York Tech grants), the Children of Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT, and K–12 Teachers Award will supplement up to 50% of tuition. Only credits/ courses for full-time enrollment within the student's program of study are eligible. The award applies to fall and spring semesters only. Students who qualify for special discounted tuition packages or have specific program scholarships (e.g. HEOP, an athletic award, Tuition Remission, Tuition Exchange) are disqualified as students may only qualify for one discounted tuition program at a time.

To Qualify

  • Be an entering or continuing undergraduate full-time student in first degree-granting program at the New York City or Long Island campus.
  • Have a valid FAFSA on file for the relevant academic year prior to the award application deadline.
  • Parent or legal guardian must be actively employed full-time (non-volunteer) as one of the following professionals:
    • Police Officer
    • Fire Fighter
    • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Emergency Medical Services
    • Certified Teacher of a K-12 grade
  • Submit the Award Form to the Office of Financial Aid once per application year by the deadline.
    • Fall: July 15
    • Spring: December 15
    • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered. Applications received after the deadline will be placed on hold and be reviewed for the next semester.
  • Submit a copy of the parent’s/legal guardian’s unexpired active status Employee ID card/badge.
  • Submit an official letter on letterhead from the parent’s/legal guardian’s place of employment verifying their current work status (i.e. full-time and active employment), in addition to completion and submission of Section A on the Award Form.

Other Discounted Tuition Options 

We offer discounted tuition to actively employed corrections officers, police and auxiliary police officers, and sheriffs.

  • Undergraduate Fees: $835 per credit with a flat rate college fee of $500 per semester
  • Graduate Fees: $880 per credit when enrolled for six or more credits

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