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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

We need your help to ask legislators to expand TAP! Use this easy online tool to write your legislator to ask them to increase support for the program.

NOTE:The 2021–2022 FAFSA is available as of October 1. To complete your 2021–2022 FAFSA, you can use the Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your and your parents 2019 federal tax information to the FAFSA. Students applying for Spring 2021 admission must complete the 2020–2021 FAFSA using 2018 federal tax information.

For our New York City and Long Island campuses, the Federal School Code ("Title IV" code) for putting New York Institute of Technology as a school of your choice on the FAFSA is 002782.

Many students are able to benefit from our generous financial aid programs and policies, so don't be deterred by the published tuition costs of attending New York Tech. The Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping you and your family understand and take advantage of options to offset the cost and comfortably fund your education throughout your college career. We encourage you to educate yourself about the cost of college and resources available to you.

Students can find a plethora of useful federal financial aid information on the Federal Student Aid Twitter webpage (@FAFSA). Information via FSA's @FAFSA Twitter account provides up-to-date happenings and information regarding federal financial aid. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource.

If your FAFSA information does not reflect your family's current financial situation you may qualify for a re-evaluation of your financial aid package (Financial Aid Policies and Forms). Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information (email: or call: 516.686.7680).

If you are unable to provide parental information on your FAFSA, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for instructions (email: or call: 516.686.7680).

Summer 2021/Fall 2021

If you are attending Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 terms, taking at least 6 credits, and want federal financial aid, complete your 2021–2022 FAFSA on and a Seasonal Loan Request Form.

Types of Aid

Scholarships & Grants

These are both "gift awards" that you don't have to pay back. They can come from the university, the federal or state government, or from private and non-profit organizations, and can be awarded based on economic need, merit, or other criteria.


Loans are borrowed money that must be repaid with interest. Federal loans, which include both need-based and non-need-based options, usually offer the best terms. Private loans are available from banks and other financial institutions. They carry variable interest rates, and may require a co-signer.

Work Study

The Federal College Work Study Program provides part-time employment to assist eligible enrolled students in paying for educational expenses. It is based on economic need. If you are not eligible for Federal College Work Study, you can also become a student aid. For more information, please email Student Employment.

Veteran's Benefits

New York Tech is proud to serve veterans of the U.S. armed forces. In coordination with the Department of Veteran's Affairs, we offer you and your family an array of programs and educational benefits to help pay for tuition and assist with living expenses while enrolled at our university. Veteran aid is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Review the Financial Aid Glossary

How to Apply for Financial Aid

This information is not applicable to international students. View these helpful videos to find out more about the FAFSA and financial aid process.

Step 1: Create an FSA ID


Your FSA ID gives you access to all federal student aid programs, including the FAFSA, and serves as your electronic signature.

When: As soon as you begin the college application process.

Watch this short video to learn how to create an FSA ID.

Step 2: Complete and file your FAFSA online


Our Federal School Code: 002782.

FAFSA determines your eligibility both for government-sponsored aid and for the more than $40 million in grants and scholarships the university awards every year.


  • February 15: Priority Deadline for New Students
  • June 30: Federal Aid Deadline

File anytime after Oct. 1 to maximize your financial aid eligibility, especially if you plan on being a full-time student.

View video: 7 easy steps to the FAFSA

See the Parent's Guide to Filling Out the FAFSA.

Step 3: New York State Residents—Complete your TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) application


Our TAP Codes:

Undergraduate = 2120
Graduate = 5455

Complete your FAFSA online, then link directly from your FAFSA confirmation page to apply for TAP. If you do not complete the TAP application immediately after completing your FAFSA, wait approximately three days for your FAFSA to be processed and then apply for TAP.

Note: TAP is for New York State undergraduate students only and you must indicate a New York school on the TAP application to get an estimated award. There is only room for one NYS college to be listed on the TAP application. If you link to the TAP application directly from your FAFSA, NYS HESC will use the first NYS college listed on your FAFSA. You can update the college code online or by calling NYS HESC at 888.697.4372.

Graduate students must use the graduate code to apply for New York State veteran-related and other state aid.

Deadline: June 30

Step 4: Receive and review your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR).


The SAR provides a summary of the information you reported on the FAFSA. If any corrections are requested, make them online immediately.

Step 5: Verification: Don't worry. It's not you, it's them.


Your FAFSA may be randomly selected for verification of the information you've reported—a process the federal government uses to monitor the accuracy of the system. If so, we'll ask you to complete a Verification Worksheet and submit certain documentation (e.g. federal tax return transcripts or W-2s) to the Office of Financial Aid for review.

Step 6: Receive and review your Financial Assistance Plan


We'll notify you by email or mail as soon as we've prepared your financial aid package. This is typically a combination of federal, state, and institutional scholarships, grants, work-study opportunities, and/or low-interest loans. Sign in to NYITConnect to view a detailed description of your Financial Assistance Plan. You must accept, reduce, or decline all or any part of the proposed aid package online.

When: Upon receiving your Financial Assistance Plan.

Step 7: Turn in any final documentation required.


Depending on the types of aid you've been offered and accepted, you'll be directed how and where to complete and submit any specific documentation requested.

Step 8: Consider other sources and solutions


Additional scholarships, grants, and/or loans from outside sources or private organizations may be available if you need additional resources to cover your cost of attendance. You may also enroll in an interest-free, tuition payment plan through the Office of the Bursar.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

Your eligibility for assistance is based on two factors: the cost of attending NYIT and your family's ability to pay.

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