Smiling staff members at a staff appreciation event.

Staff Engagement Committee (SEC)

The New York Institute of Technology Staff Engagement Committee (SEC) is an employee advisory group endorsed by President Foley that will provide a forum for direct communication with him and senior administration on issues of common interest.

The SEC is made up of employee ambassadors, supported by a team of staff advisors, who engage with employees of all levels, working toward positive change reflective of our university mission and values, and will meet and communicate directly with President Foley.

Our Goals

  • Fostering a culture at New York Tech where all staff members are engaged, respected, and provided with the tools and training for success.
  • Promoting staff wellbeing and a satisfying work/life balance.
  • Recommending policies and procedures that facilitate strategies for continued employee success, improved retention and productivity, and professional fulfillment.

Our Members

  • Patthara Chandaragga, Student Advisement Specialist, Hospitality Management (NYC)
  • Angela Delcid, Center Coordinator, Sports Medicine, NYITCOM (LI)
  • Logan Lorenz, Associate Director, Student Affairs & Career Services (Vancouver)
  • Michelle Minton, Assistant Director, Finance, NYITCOM (Jonesboro)
  • Ted Mullings, Manager, Media Service, IT (LI)
  • Dana M. Perna, Sales Assistant and Events Coordinator, NYIT de Seversky Mansion (LI)
  • Wanda Small, Administrative Specialist, Finance, NYITCOM (LI)
  • Javeria Zafar, Manager, Enrollment Services Center (NYC) 

Our Advisors 

  • Jean Finnerty, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Steven Gaines, IT Technician, NYITCOM 
  • Ron Goldberg, Web Content Editor, SCEA 
  • Laurie Harvey, Director, Academic Technology Services 
  • Carol Jablonsky, Executive Director, Human Resources) 
  • Sheri Kelleher, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs 
  • James O’Connor, Associate Director, Facilities Operations 
  • Susan Payette, Special Professionalism & Special Projects, NYITCOM
  • Robert Rizzuto, Director, Dining Services 
  • Monika Rohde, Associate Dean, Academic Advising, Enrichment, &  Enrollment Services
  • Jordan Thompson, Deputy Legal Counsel

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email us at We value your input. Your correspondence will be confidential and receive a prompt reply.